MUSUBI TENCHI AIKIDO OF PALM BEACH - Musubi Tenchi Aikido means Harmony of heaven and Earth School of Aikido.An Independent school founded by Cesar P Penaranda Jr, Sensei, a 2nd degree black promoted in 1999   by Dr Leonilo Del Carmen Sensei,Founder of Bacolod Musubi Aikido and recognized by Max Maun,Sensei, founder of Bacolod Aikido Enthusiasts.  A school that teaches the integration of different insights and principles from other style of Aikido and the fusion into one concrete system.A blending of wisdom and knowledge in terms of physical and technical aspect of the art,Mental openness and adaptability for constant change and evolution of the art maintaining the principles and the tradional style, and the infinite quests for Spiritual development .   Musubi Tenchi Ryu curriculum teaches and believe for the natural evolution in training.The physical and the technical which students will learn the Taijutsu techniques or open  hand techniques,integration of weapon training or Bukiwaza adapted from Iwama style .The Men

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